Look at the beautiful texture of this Pink Himalayan Salt Brick, it even looks healthy!

Now, when you hold this Pink Himalayan Salt Brick in your hands your first thought will likely be, "Wow, this is a sight to behold!" It's beautifully marbled with different shades of pink and white. It's also not light, so make sure you have a firm grip because dropping one of these on your toe would not be fun! It comes wrapped in plastic to ensure it's nice and fresh when it arrives at your doorstep.

First, unwrap your Pink Himalayan Salt Brick

I suggest unwrapping your brick first because I've found it easier and safer before I begin demolition of the brick. Attempting to begin smashing your brick while it's still encased in its plastic sealant could open the possibility of having small pieces of plastic mixed in with your salt. You wouldn't want to be sprinkling salt over your morning breakfast of scrambled eggs and unknowingly have small pieces of plastic in it.

Now that you've unwrapped your salt brick, grab a fresh towel out of the washer and a hammer.

    I have two suggestions for this process:
  • Try using a towel or fabric that isn't fibrous. This will help contain the salt as you break it and not get all stuck in the cloth
  • Steralize your hammer with anti-bacterial wipes or rubbing alcohol to ensure the cleanliness of your salt while smashing it

Now comes the fun part, smash you brick of Pink Himalayan Salt!

Now, what was once a beautiful brick of Pink Himalayan Salt, is now in shards, but it's fun doing it. Especially, after a potentially stressful week at work, which made me realize there's another benefit to Pink Himalayan Salt Bricks. Aside, from nutritional benefits, the process of smashing it relieves stress! LOL! Now comes the more tedious part of the task but equally as enjoyable. Gather up the shards of salt and put them in a stone bowl if you have one or a clean bucket. The goal is to get the shards small enough to fit within a salt grinder bottle. Once the brick has been shattered, breaking the shards into small pieces is simple as they crumble fairly easily. Once you're done with that, empty the contents into your salt grinder so you can marvel at your finished product.

And it's as easy as that ladies and gentlemen. The labor of your hands has been fruitful and depending on your salt consumption, you will have plenty of delicious and nutritious salt to flavor your meals for quite some time.

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